Electricity accounting systems ASKOE, ASTOE, LUZOD

KharkivPromEnergo LLC offers a range of works on the organization of an electricity metering system – from design to implementation in commercial operation. There are several options for organizing an electricity metering system: ASKUE – an automated system for commercial accounting of electricity – is a system for transferring data from the meters of commercial accounting of an enterprise (consumer of electricity) to its own server and the server of the power supply company. The basis of this system is special software. Installation of ASCAE allows you to switch to an independent electricity supplier. The structure of the customer’s metering system includes: counters (together with instrument transformers and metering circles); data channels to the consumer and the power supply organization; communication equipment based on industrial computers for collecting and processing measurement data and devices providing data transfer (for example, modems); ASKUE software. What are the advantages of the client from the use of AMR: AMR allows you to switch to an independent electricity supplier; the ability to view data on the consumption of electrical energy and power at any time and at any frequency; the possibility of analyzing consumption, forecasting energy costs; the ability to store and provide information on the consumption of electrical energy and power in a convenient form for analysis; the ability to independently control the limits of electric power consumption in hours of maximum load of the power system; the ability to independently control the limits of consumption of electric energy; the ability to independently monitor the performance of metering points. Installation stages of ASCAE: development and coordination of technical specifications and project; equipment supply and installation work; commissioning works; putting the system into trial operation; introduction of the system into industrial operation. ASTUE – automated electricity metering system is a system for transferring data from commercial metering counters of an enterprise (electricity consumer) to its own server. In this system, the basis is also software. This system is implemented to control electricity consumption with all the same functions as AMR. The main purpose is to monitor the operation mode of the enterprise’s electrical network in real time (see the distribution of consumed electricity across workshops or any subdivisions at the desired interval of 3, 5, 10, 30 xf, phase-by-phase currents and the effective value of power at the connections). Difference from ASKUE is the lack of interaction with the power supply company. LUSOD – local data acquisition and processing equipment is a set of accounting tools installed for the purpose of making calculations for the consumed electrical energy and provides measurement, collection, accumulation and processing of information about volumes and parameters of electrical energy flows and power consumption values. LUSOD has a remote data reading interface for operation as part of an automated metering system for commercial metering. The principal difference between LUSOD and AMS is that the client who has LUSOD installed does not have the ability to remotely view and monitor data on the consumption of electrical energy and power on-line, since the LUSOD lacks the necessary software.

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